About us

About us

The orchard cooperative [Spółdzielnia Sadownicza] “POLSAD” in Lewiczyn, currently associates 19 fruiters that for many years have been combined by their joint passion and fondness for producing fruits using the integrated method. By following current market trends and combining modernity with passion we created a company that offers the highest quality fruits which fulfil standards binding in the European Union membership countries, as well as satisfying the most challenging clients. Also the region where we are producing fruits is advantageous, as it is a part of the largest fruit production district across Europe. Thanks to the microclimate of the Grójecczyzna region apples have a unique taste and flavour.

  • Zrzeszamy 19 sadowników
  • W pełni naturalne owoce
  • Wykorzystujemy nowoczesną technologię
  • 100% walorów zdrowotnych
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Fruiters, being part of our Production Group, producing fruits pay a special attention not only to the quality of fruits but also safety of the production and consumption of fruits produced. This is fostered by the implemented and strictly observed Integrated Production thanks to which they can take pride in their apples featuring:

Irreplaceable taste and health assets of Polish apples is guaranteed by the so called flavour bouquet, characteristic for specific cultivars, containing a rich set of acids the maintaining of which guarantees that the product is safe for the health.

Cultivars of apple trees produced in the IP system available in our offer are as follows:

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Spółdzielnia Sadownicza POLSAD w Lewiczynie
Lewiczyn 2A, 05-622 Belsk Duży


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